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Drowning in an oily sea of our own desire

A few weeks ago, early in the Gulf Coast British Petroleum disaster, as giant plumes of oil gathered silently beneath the surface of the water and cooperative winds kept the mess offshore, FOX News commentator and oil industry apologist Brit Hume asked snidely, “Where’s the oil?” Well, that question has been answered over and over
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BP Oil Crisis Ruptures the Limits of Language

Going into its second month of disaster the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon oil well fiasco is threatening ever more sensitive Gulf Coast marshlands, estuaries and islands. As of today, May 23, reports are that the rusty sludge continues to migrate, now showing up on beaches west of the mouth of the Mississippi. Reports vary
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Speeding up only for it all to break down

We are of two basic mindsets. The first is geared to respond to immediate danger and threat to survival. The second is to provide rest and rejuvenation. The first is the throttle; the second the brake. Our internal body functions are governed by the autonomic nervous system, which is located in the limbic part of
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