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“Coming Back to the Moment at Hand: Applying Practical Mindfulness to Your Daily Life”

With Mark L. Taylor MA LPC

Sunday, August 28, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Life races faster and faster. Demands of family, work, home and the windstorm of news tumbling out of a 24/7 media can leave one feeling trapped on a runaway treadmill. Many are caught up in this breathless cycle, living life as a human “doing” rather than the wonderful human being they are meant to be.

Over time, the pressures of a mindless reactive existence can erode physical and mental wellness, leading to relationship conflicts, job burnout, weight and eating problems, poor sleep and substance abuse. Others turn to medications to deal with the stressful cycle of living apart from their natural state, which, too often, introduces a whole new set of challenges.

In this daylong workshop “Coming Back to the Moment at Hand: Applying Practical Mindfulness to Your Daily Life” psychotherapist Mark L. Taylor MA LPC will guide you in practical ways to put the “being” back into daily life. Through a blend of didactic and experiential teaching Mark will introduce you to mindfulness and Buddhist psychology centering practices that can bring you back to the being of living life in the only thing we are ever given – this precious present moment upon which the wheel of life turns.

The workshop is Sunday, Aug. 28, 10 4 p.m.

Topics of the day will include:

• Understanding the nature and relation of emotion to life and action.

• Using the “sacred entry” that is available every moment of your life.

• How to become a better observer and actor in daily life.

• Developing openness through mindfulness practice in simple, every day actions.

• Opening more fully to life through greater awareness of the senses.

• Basic introduction to the practice of Morita and Naikan psychology.

• How to build a mindfulness practice.

Students will also receive a reading list for further study and mindfulness practice.

Dress for the weather and wear sturdy footwear for some outdoor practice. Items to bring: pad or meditation cushion or zafu; blanket to lie on; journal, water bottle; pen and dish to share for potluck.

In order to keep cost down for this timely learning, we will be doing a potluck, though the RoundRiver soup pot will be full with a vegetarian soup for everyone to enjoy.

Personal investment for this day of mindfulness learning and practice is $28. Get your paid registration in by August 22 and enjoy a 10% discount ($25.20). If you register with a friend you can deduct 10%. Both register with a friend and get your paid registrations in by August 22 and save 20% ($22.40 per person).

Call for availability of same-day registration.

Free Offering: Visit Mark’s blog at for a series of posts on mindfulness psychology and practice leading up to the workshop. Offer questions or suggestions of what you would like to see included in the workshop.

Payment can be made to the RoundRiver Institute LLC, P.O. Box 35, Genoa, WI 54632-0035.

For questions or to inquire about late or same-day registration call (608) 483-2730.

How to register:

Click here for a registration form you can print and mail
or register by phone at at (608) 483-2730