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Forecast: Continued Unexpected Mindfulness Lessons

Our December 4th mindfulness class and retreat had to be canceled due to the arrival of ten inches of snow. While we weren’t able to gather for group mindfulness work, when I sent out the cancelation email early that morning I encouraged students to practice mindfulness with the snowstorm:

This is our first snowfall of the season. Take a few minutes to look at how the snow has literally changed the contours of your world. The birdbath in the back yard looks like a giant mushroom and the clothesline sags with a collection of snow. Where do the sidewalk end and the yard begin? Marvel at how the neighborhood looks softened with that blanket of snow.

When you step outside mindfully sniff the air and listen to how the routine noise is muffled by the snow. Hear the crunch and feel the tiny vibrations of the snow underfoot as you sweep off the car. Today’s snow makes the change from one day to the next obvious – impossible, in fact, to ignore. But really, this is the truth of every day; storms of change continually remake what we know from one day to the next but usually the change is so small we are lulled into thinking “nothing ever happens around here”.

So, while we may be disappointed that our mindfulness workshop has to be canceled that doesn’t mean we can’t practice being mindful to the world and people around us.

Mark L. Taylor MA LPC SAC is a Wisconsin licensed counselor who works extensively with adolescents and their families. He also founded the RoundRiver Institute LLC, a learning center near Genoa, WI. Permission is granted for personal use of this material. If you pass it on to other individuals please include a link back to this page. If you wish to use it in a newsletter or publication please contact Mark at:

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