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Discovering Your Life Purpose

In this November 6th retreat with David Banner Ph.D. you are invited on a journey of discovery to give both voice and active vision to your life purpose and how best to manifest that in your daily and work life.

“It is my belief that we all come with an inborn soul purpose and the challenge of our life is to uncover and celebrate that purpose,” David explains.

As natural as this process of inner discovery and action is, it is never easy. Our soulful life purpose is often elbowed aside by the demands of parents, society and, far too often, the educational systems and work environments that demand so much of our energy and occupy so much of our attention. As uncomfortable and harmful as all those programmed directions are, however, many remain stuck because they don’t know it could be richer.

Instead of following what others have planned for you, perhaps it’s time to ask – and answer – a few questions for yourself. The most powerful question, David notes, is, “What is it I would love to do with my life?”

And that is the focus of this day of self discovery. Participants will also identify self-defeating beliefs and personal assumptions that derail them from living life fully and genuinely. It is possible to build a profitable work life that enhances rather than drains away our life purpose.

David knows it is both preferable and possible to incorporate life purpose into a satisfying, profitable professional life and he has guided many through that process.

David designed the innovative Masters in Business Administration program at Viterbo University, in LaCrosse, WI., and has published 6 books on a variety of topics, including organizational transformation. His most recent book, “FrameShifting: A Path to Wholeness” was published in 2008. He has presented this workshop across the country and internationally to numerous business groups and leaders. This is the sixth year he is presenting this popular and practical workshop at the RoundRiver Institute.

By the end of the day students will have achieved the following:

• Identify your life purpose which you will be able to sum up in a clear purpose statement.

• Clarify your core values and the relationship to your purpose.

• Articulate a passionate life vision growing from your purpose and values.

• Set achievable goals, make commitments and get support in moving in the direction of your purpose.

Personal investment $86, including a light lunch. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration fee of $30 by November 3 will reserve a spot for you. Call for availability of late or same day registration: (608) 483-2730 .

How to register:

Click here for a registration form you can print and mail
or register by phone at at (608) 483-2730