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Breath of the Shaman

Bill Humphrey, Certified Breathworker and Shamanic Practitioner, combines conscious breathing with traditional Shamanic methods to create powerful tools for transformation. Bill uses Taoist breathing meditations, Rebirthing and core Shamanism to facilitate trance states and connect with spirit guides. This work is conducted in a small group setting to assure a safe and sacred space for personal exploration and growth. Participants in this workshop will learn:

How to use conscious breathing to connect on the emotional and spiritual levels with self and others.

How to read and release energy patterns with connected breathing.

The use of breath in inducing the Shamanic trance state.

Core Shamanic principals such as holding space, creating ritual and ecstatic vision.

The use of sound, ritual and art to express the Shamanic experience.

“Breath of the Shaman” was one of the first workshops sponsored by the RoundRiver Institute and has been presented every autumn since. Bill is a wonderful, caring teacher and his work in this field has been a valuable life asset for many. This year’s class on November 7 will extend that healing tradition.

Cost for this day of powerful work is $93. A vegetarian meal is included. The workshop is Saturday, April 17, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Due to the very individualized nature of this work, space is limited. To reserve your place in the workshop, send a $25 deposit by April 15. If you register by April 5 you get a 10% discount. If you register with a friend you get an additional 10% discount. Call (608) 483-2730 for availability of late or same-day registration.

How to register:

Click here for a registration form you can print and mail
or register by phone at at (608) 483-2730