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FrameShifting: Finding Your Unique Pathway to Wholeness

Ever wonder why certain events allow you to expand your consciousness or alter who you think you are beyond your normal experience? Through the power of “FrameShifting”, you can have access to this transformative experience at any time without adopting, changing, or “fixing” your beliefs.

Join David Banner, Ph.D., author of “FrameShifting: A Path to Wholeness” on April 3 for a day of learning how to make the kind of transformative shifts that lead to a richer personal, professional and spiritual life. David will share his personal experiences that led to his conceptualization of the “FrameShifting” modality. (Note: A review of David’s book can be found at the bottom of this program listing.)

“Through the power of Frameshifting, I’ll show you how you can have access to this experience at any time, without adopting, changing, or fixing your beliefs!” David notes. “I will share with you experiences I’ve had that triggered this shift in me; ones that you can have, too.”

In this daylong retreat you will:

Discover unspoken and even unrecognized limiting beliefs and assumptions.

Learn how to achieve higher stages of consciousness.

Identify and break free of the limiting boundaries and constraints of the ego.

Enhance your ability to view others in your life with deeper empathy and accuracy.

Experience the joy of personal spiritual growth and discovery.

As a frequent RoundRiver presenter, David brings an enthusiastic wealth of joyful experience to his students. He has a firm grounding in the business world as well as a wide range of knowledge and life experience in alternative ways of problem solving, conflict resolution and learning. He is the author of several other books, one of which is a textbook used in business schools across the country.

The personal investment for this day of learning is $85, including a nutritious vegetarian lunch. David will have copies of his book available for sale at a 15% discount. The April 3rd gathering will be from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A $20 registration by March31st will reserve a spot for you with balance due on the day of the workshop. Register before March 25 and get a 10% discount. Register with a friend and get a 10% discount.

Call (608) 483-2730 for availability of late or same-day registration.

Book Review:

David Banner’s FrameShifting: A Path to Wholeness is one man’s full-immersion journey on the spiritual path. Banner shares his tale of a lifetime of in-depth explorations of roads to fuller states of consciousness, and their remarkable effect on his psyche, as ego falls away bit by bit, and new awareness, insight and often radically different (and enlightening) perspectives about self and world emerge.

The voyage described here is imbued with a sense of joy and wonder at every turn, and Banner is eager to share what he has learned, not necessarily for others to follow his particular path, but as a highly useful conceptual model for change and an inspiration to all who set forth to find their own unique way. His approach is that of one who forthrightly encounters the events in his life, even (or perhaps especially) when difficult times put forth a steep and rocky path, and Banner finds the lessons to be learned and the growth to be gleaned from the experience.

In short, FrameShifting is a delightful read, a view altering experience, and a rich resource for those seeking a more fully developed consciousness.

William Motlong, counselor and therapist

How to register:

Click here for a registration form you can print and mail
or register by phone at at (608) 483-2730