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Discovering Your Parenting Personality With the Enneagram

Anyone given the colorful opportunity of raising a teenager knows what a challenging experience that can be. While surging hormones, peer pressure and rapidly evolving social influences are certainly factors, a deeper understanding of your teen�s personality can be a real help. The Enneagram is an ancient psychological personality typing tool that can assist you in navigating the parenting process. The enneagram is known for its applicability and range in deciphering and illuminating all kinds of relationships and behaviors.

Knowing and appreciating your teen’s personality type can provide valuable information in understanding where they are coming from in their behavior � and, perhaps more importantly, why you react the way you do.

What might seem irrational to you can make perfect sense to your teen, according to their personality, based upon their internal personality map. If you want to develop your empathy and compassion toward your teen during these difficult years, this December 13th workshop is for you!

The workshop is especially helpful for blended families, where step-parents need to have a deeper empathetic understanding of their step-children.

The enneagram presenter is David Banner Ph.D., who has widely studied and taught the enneagram. In addition to being a wonderful and engaging teacher, he has also raised three children and is well familiar with parenting teens. He has taught at the university level in a number of universities both in the United States and abroad. David has published several books, including his most recent book, �Frameshifting: A Path to Wholeness�.

Additionally, counselor Mark L. Taylor MA LPC will present �Five Essential Basics Every Parent Needs to Know About Adolescent Development.� Mark works extensively with adolescents and their families and will provide important developmental perspectives on adolescent development, including brain development, to help parents better understand and appreciate the dramatic changes their children are undergoing as they cross the threshold of adulthood. Mark�s columns on adolescent issues are a regular feature in the �Kickapoo Free Press�.

Cost of the workshop includes a vegetarian lunch.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009.

9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Individual: $68 (includes lunch)

Register with a friend or your partner and you both get a 10% discount for a discounted cost of $122.40, for two.

Call (608) 483-2730 to register or get answers to your questions.

How to register:

Click here for a registration form you can print and mail
or register by phone at at (608) 483-2730