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Using the Enneagram to Enhance Relationships … Including the One With Yourself!

December 8, 2012  /  9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Personal relationships are the foundation upon which we grow, strive and become our best and truest selves. How does our personality style help or hinder the process of our most important and precious intimate relationships? How can we broaden, deepen and enrich such relationships?

The Enneagram personality typology is an elegantly balanced system for understanding the subtle shadings of human personality through a rich blend of modern psychology, ancient spiritual practice and insight. Since the Enneagram system has direct application in both personal and career relationships, it has increasingly been used by corporate training and human relations professionals.

Join David Banner Ph.D. of the Walden University PhD program in Leadership and Organizational Change. Dave helped establish the Viterbo University MBA program. He has authored several books, most recently, “Frameshifting: A Path to Wholeness”. He has taught the use of the Enneagram in numerous business and career settings. He is a skilled and compassionate teacher.

Within the context of the Enneagram, we will explore ways to observe and manage attitudes, feelings and behaviors that repeatedly come up in the dynamic of interacting with spouses, partners, family (including our children), friends and professional colleagues. Often we unknowably become the greatest obstacle to the very relationships we seek.

Among other things, students will learn to:

While some knowledge of the Enneagram and awareness of one’s personality type is helpful, it is not essential for this workshop.

Personal investment: As part of our effort to bring affordable workshops to as many people as possible in these stressful days, this workshop is a RoundRiver “Partner Pricing” event. Details on pricing for this event are on the online registration form. Please note, we will provide soup but the rest of the lunch is potluck.

The $15 registration fee can be made out to the RoundRiver Institute LLC and mailed to: P.O. Box 35, Genoa, WI 54632-0035. Cancellations after December 3, 2012 are non-refundable.

Schedule: Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early and dress for the weather and wear sturdy footwear. Our new “Dragon Cloud” meditation cabin in the woods behind the main house was just dedicated in September will be available for visiting during breaks.

What to bring: Journal and pen, water bottle and a dish to pass. RoundRiver is in the lovely rural Romance Valley, so please dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. Bring slippers or warm socks for indoors.

Snow Date: Saturday, December 22

For questions or to inquire about late or same-day registration call (608) 483-2730.

How to register:

Click here for a registration form you can print and mail
or register by phone at at (608) 483-2730